kaminah asked: MAN idk if youre into dragon age at all but theres this dialogue tvtropes(.)org/pmwiki/pmwiki(.)php/Funny/DragonAgeInquisition (the 3rd bullet point, elf tossing) and i can only see something as dorky as that in the gang au. but then again theyre all freaking huge and bara so??

Oh shit that’s perfect. I could totally see Franky and Kid having a convo like that. Dude, nothing will stop baras throwing each other around ssshh. 

and yeah, dragon age is cool, tho I’ll probably never have the time to actually play them weh

OH NO it’s a twitter dump!!

aimless doodle that turned into an accidental Kurapika

aimless doodle that turned into an accidental Kurapika

conritter asked: Do you have a store or sell prints of your work anywhere?

Sorry, I don’t. I’ve been thinking about setting up a store, but for some reason I’ve not done it yet.

I’ve never noticed this panel before and I just had to redraw it.

okunikuokulo asked: About GangAU... Maybe there will be another gang, with which FraBartKid group compete and often yelling at each other, but they aren't enemies in fact? I wonder who it might be. Law, Luffy and Chopper maybe?

I haven’t thought about that at all tbh. The AU kinda just happened so I could have fun with my BROT3 and currently I don’t feel like expanding it too much. Maybe later. Uhuhuhu!